Demarquette No Sugar Dairy or Nuts Truffles Reviewed

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demarquette free from chocolatesSome people, like me, have a lot of intolerances. I’m allergic or am intolerant to so many things, I have to take an allergy pill a day, every day. Also as my ever expanding waist is a testament to, you can’t just keep eating chocolate. Diabetic husband has to stick to the really dark chocolate as well. If you love luxury chocolate and also want to manage your sugar intake and then are also looking for a chocolate made with a dairy alternative, then Demarquette has exactly what you need.

It’s easy to get cheap chocolate with maltitol but it tastes… less than brilliant. These truffles are delicious. They melt smoothly and are made with a 63.12% dark chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa and sweetened maltitol. They then use soya cream instead of dairy to make the ganache. The result is a genuinely light and delicately sweetened soft centre with a thin chocolate layer for texture and cocoa powder to finish it off.

demarquette free from chocolatesI can taste the difference the soya makes and as one of the things I’m allergic to it made it a difference to me. The texture is amazing, the taste is great and if it had been something other than soy I would not have been able to tell the difference. The taste is so close to a regular truffle and the maltitol hasn’t made it grainy. I cannot believe these chocolates are sugar free. There is an ever-so slight nuttiness but that’s the chocolate. Again, just great taste.

If you’re looking for a sugar-free ganache made with quality chocolate that is dairy and nut free, you’ve got to choose Demarquette online chocolate shop chocolates!

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