Christmas is nipping at my heels…

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I have done an overwhelmingly large number of reviews of Christmas stuff.  This week, I have Black Rock Love and their really different rock and fudge on Tuesday after the Blue Basil Brownies along side the Carluccio’s mini panetonne and other holiday bits.  Friday we have a Choc Chick Kit reviewed to give away and it makes the perfect thing to have for the kids and your family to make your own chocolate.

Luckily I am in Toronto right now so I’m going to hit Soma and probably Dahso, Stubbe and Ambiance though I will, of course, be in hiding from the owner MoRoCo Chocolat as I did that “unsolicited review” and as we all know, the owner doesn’t allow unsolicited reviews.  Possibly because the chocolate is more form than substance (kind of like a shop that recently launched in London) but whatever the reason, I quite obviously need to be afraid.

I do have Snickers in my handbag (and just realised the lyrics to the Supertramp song are not “Can we have Snickers for breakfast, mummy dear mummy dear?”) I do like Twix Fino and I do like other chocolate that isn’t dark or considered to be high quality.  Problem is that once I’ve been eating high quality chocolate for awhile, it’s hard to eat other chocolate a lot.  I still do though.

I got a sneak preview of the Hilton chocolate tea with Dom from Chocablog and let me tell you – it is special.  I hope you’ll read the review and I think it is worth going to it absolutely.  I’ve tried a lot of afternoon teas and I did enjoy the Hilton tea an awful lot.  But tea in catacombs is kind of hard to top 😉

Have a great week and after the Choc Chick Kit look out for Christmas Eve special freebie Friday of Canadian chocolate from Soma!

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