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chocri barsI got a certificate to try out some Chocri personalised chocolate and it turned out that I could afford to get 3 types of bar.  I decided, unlike a fellow blogger 😉 to create chocolate creations that I thought I would enjoy and that worked.  I actually spent a significant period of time calculating what the best combination would be with what chocolate and I even made one for my husband. I should be given a medal for sharing chocolate!

chocri daves delightThe first bar (I’m reviewing, not that I made) I called “Dave’s Delight” because this was the one I gave to my husband.  Thankfully she shared some with me.  I created for him a combination of cappuccino buttons, gold flakes, coffee and I think possibly cocoa nibs in milk chocolate.  I have to say that he likes coffee and this certainly smelled strongly of coffee when we took it out of the packet.  That coffee flavour was clearly present but not overpowering despite my selections.  The milk chocolate in this combination wasn’t too sweet and as such I have to say I recommend this specific combination.

chocri sweet and sweeterThe next bar I called “Sweet and Sweeter” because despite creating it with dark chocolate, I added strawberry bits, pecans, candied rose petals and real gold flakes.  This bar wasn’t as nice as the coffee bar.  The dark chocolate was quite bitter and so despite the sugary toppings the dark bitter chocolate overwhelmed the flavours making it not at all sweet.  While usually a good thing, I didn’t get the flavours I was hoping for coming through.  I might go with a different mix next time and might go with stronger, bolder flavours in the dark chocolate.

chocri suggested selectionThe last bar I made I called “Suggested Selection” because I went with the suggestions made at the top of the selection area.  You might not notice but each time you select something then move to the next section there are suggestions made in the top row.  This chocolate bar was a milk and white chocolate blend and the suggestions came out as cinnamon, cocoa nibs, pecans, raspberries and golden pearls.  I have to say, I feared for my teeth in more than one way!  The sour raspberries were a shock and weren’t quite blended with the flavours I had selected. Perhaps the gold balls was overdoing it a bit. I didn’t get too many pecans but when I did, they nicely balanced out the sweetness and cut through it a bit. Far too sweet for me but I’m sure some would like it 🙂

All in all, I think this is a great gift for a chocolate lover.  While the base chocolate used isn’t Soma microbatch (and really, who can equal them and Askinosie… really…) that would actually make me more reluctant to experiment.  I’d have to specify though that either stick to the milk chocolate or when using dark chocolate, make sure to choose bold flavours.  I did make an effort to create combinations I thought word work in the different chocolate styles but coffee in milk chocolate worked best and I think it was the strong flavours, slightly bitter, with the sweet milk chocolate which was not too sweet.

WIN A £15 gift certificate to make your own bars!  Leave a comment here about what flavour combination you’d try, and/or do the same on Facebook and/or tweet “If I won @chocri_uk from @mostlyaboutchoc like this I’d make …” and fill in what you might choose. Winner will be chosen around mid-day Sunday while I recover from jetlag :-S

***WINNER*** Congratulations to LondonSheSaid who has won! Chocri will need your details!

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27 Responses to Chocri Personalised Chocolate Bar Review – My Creations

  1. candyflosspot says:

    i’d like to to try minty baileys chocolate

  2. lapsapchung says:

    What a brilliant idea, I’d not heard of them before. I fancy a “traffic light” combination of dried strawberries, pistachio nuts and orange chocolate drops in a white chocolate base.

  3. Yasmin Butt says:

    I would love to try candied rose petals, cinnamon, nutmeg, turkish delight and coconut on a bar of 50% cocoa chocolate : )

  4. sweir1 says:

    I’d like to try southern comfort flavour

  5. claire says:

    Ooh yummy, a great idea, makes all those dreamy flavours come to life!

    I’d love to try a festive bar; a hint of almond with gingerbread pieces and golden pearls.
    I’d call it ‘Christmas Morning’

  6. Rob Proietti says:

    Milk and White combination with Bourbon vanilla and raspberry bits, topped with some gold flakes (just for decoration!) 🙂

  7. coversnail says:

    I’d make white chocolate, and load it all with all the hearts and rose decorations and give it to my lovely girlfriend (yes I know…sorry for the sicky sweet comment!)

  8. Maddie says:

    I would love to make a s’more-inspired chocolate bar: toasted mini marshmellows with graham cracker crumble and chunks of milk chocolate in the dark chocolate base.
    Not all of these ingredients are available on the chocri site, which I love, but a good bar is a good bar!
    One might also add flecks of gold or silver to update the classic theme.

  9. Jay says:

    Definitely milk with almond and cherry – not sure what else I’d add though!

    Have tweeted too – @cheekychicken24

  10. Solange says:


  11. LondonSheSaid says:

    I would go with dark chocolate, mainly because I’m a dark chocolate addict.

    If I have a chance to create my own bar then I would certainly want to have something I can’t find in a shop, so my first ingredient was basil. I decided that bourbon vanilla might compliment the basil, as well as roasted cashew nuts.

    Taste issues out of the way, I then chose an eye-pleasing candied lilac and in honour of being snowed in, a sprinkle of mini snowflakes. Sorted 🙂

  12. Kenneth Deed says:

    Rum and Roasted Coconut

  13. bizywizy says:

    love the sweet and sweeter

    personally I would love to try a glace cherry and meringue in white chocolate

  14. Karen Walkden says:

    raspberries coconut and caramel bits

  15. reniannen says:

    ‘Dave’s Delight’ sounds lovely. Personally I think I would go Christmassy and try a milk and white bar with cinnamon, bourbon vanilla and gold flakes to finish it off…and to be able to say I’ve eaten gold! 🙂

  16. Isabelle Smith says:

    banana and toffee chocolate, yumm

  17. Johnston352 says:

    I would try the Baileys flavour but with extra chocolate bits on, loved the look of saves delight!

  18. Kavey says:

    Oh! Your Sweet and Sweeter is a bit like one of mine, let me show you:

  19. SarahC says:

    I would definitly do something with coffee, I LOVE coffee and chocolate!

  20. Emma Smith says:

    I would have dark chocolate with cappucino choc drops, cocoa nibs, salted pretzels and snowflakes to top it off.

  21. Cathy Maclennan says:

    White chocolate with cinnamon, cherry and candied rose petals sprinkled with gold and silver flakes as it coming up to Christmas

  22. JULIELOUISE says:

    cherry brandy and apple cider flavoured chocolate

  23. cheznal says:

    Mmmm, I love chocolate. If I had a chance to make my own chocolate, I’d choose:

    Milk Chocolate base with 37% cocoa solids
    Raisins, Hazlenut brittle, Roasted hazlenuts, walnuts, a sprinkling of gingerbread spice and a sprinkling of gold flakes. Just in time for christmas. I love fruit and nut chocolate and I love sweet mince pies, so why not a bit of both.


  24. emma says:

    banana and toffee chocolate

  25. Angie says:

    honey cashew nuts, toasted marshmallows, caramel and bourbon vanilla

  26. Choclette says:

    Milk chocolate with honey, cinnamon and gold flakes – a good Christmas bar.

  27. television says:

    yum, sweet and sweeter sounds great

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