Carluccios Little Chocolate Valentine’s Hearts Reviewed

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candy chocolate heartsGrowing up, my favourite part of Valentine’s Day was cinnamon candy hearts. There was a specific brand that was soft and extremely cinnamon-y. I could eat those by the handful (and often did). You just don’t get that Valentine’s Day goodness here that I’ve been able to find and I feel that loss keenly.

I kind of replace the loss of the cinnamon candy goodness in my life with other candy goodness aqt times and so it was a happy afternoon when I got a package from Carluccio’s press office containing these colourful candy-coated chocolate hearts. Inexpensive at just £3.95 but only available from Carluccio’s, they make a great table decoration when sprinkled like confetti or use them in a glass you’ve decorated or something similar. How about topping some special cupcakes with one or a cake?

candy chocolate heartsThere are many ways you can use these lovely candy coated chocolate bon bons because they are edible and pretty too.  They are, understandably, very sweet and I’d suggest maybe only a few at a time. The chocolate is more bitter inside than I like but if you’ve having them as part of something else, they’ll balance off. Gone are the days I could eat handful of candies and then run around like a mad kid burning all that sugar off. When I think of how many miles I used to walk…

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