Cake and Bake – It’s Bigger and Back With Legends!

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Cake & Bake logoThe annual pilgrimage to Cake and Bake seems ideal for someone like me – constantly busy and usually baking at 10pm on a Sunday well after all the shops are closed. I rely on an annual shop for cupcake holders, the vanilla bean paste I specifically like (not what husband finds on offer), cake tins, stands and whatnot to keep me going. Having it at Excel means it’ll be really huge and while slightly more difficult to get to, it’s worth it!

It’s also about inspiration and education – inspiration from what is possible and how easy it can be to roll out an entire dinosaur shortbread set for my nephew or make a piñata cake for my niece. I mean, it looks so easy to cut out shapes after rolling out icing how could I not give it a go? Plus the sessions they have through the day enable you to learn from people who know more about what could go right and wrong and how to ensure you’re always going right. Never underestimate the power of not putting that much booze n the frosting if you don’t want your layers to slide and soak the cake instead. or, you know, just have a shot set to the side for the cook 😉

You can Bake with a Legend like Howard Middleton (the man who was the victim of custardgate and who was one of the most loved contestants) or my favourite (and my mom’s) Kimberly Wilson who made some amazing bakes and is super down to earth. Bake with a Legend is a company which arranges events and experiences with former GBBO legends which is absolutely amazing and just one of the companies at the show.

Why not do what I always like to do – book a VIP ticket. It isn’t just about getting a nice goodie bag but included in the price of your ticket is a class you can participate in. If you’re going Friday why not book the Cordon Bleu croissant making workshop? Saturday has cornflake tart and custard and if you’re not there I’ll gladly take your place (I’m making myself hungry) and on Sunday who could resist pie with the naked baker (I hope he’s not actually naked as pie plates get super hot! 😀 There’s so much more than just the VIP classes though as there are other classes and workshops happening during the show it really is more than just a shopping destination.

Cake and Bake is happening from October 6-8 at the Excel centre. Just hop on the DLR and the lovely staff will help but if you get off at Custom House for Excel the walkway is covered but it is a longer walk than Prince regent to get inside it feels.

To buy tickets you can visit the Cake and Bake official website HERE

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  1. margaret O’Meara says:

    I’m going down with my daughter so thanks for the directions for how to get there!

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