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This Bojesen chocolate bar, which before I scoffed the lot had 1888 on each square, is delicious.   It is kind of like solid hot chocolate.  According to the insert “the dark chocolate is made of Criollo beans and cane sugar. Nothing else.”

This bar was delicious.  I have to admit, I almost did not take it.  It was on the press table at the Chocolate Unwrapped event and it was on its own and I wasn’t sure it was actually for press but noticing the accompanying flyers I decided it must be available to be grabbed and boy an I glad I did.

This is not the smoothest of chocolates.  As it melts in the mouth, there is a distinct grittiness that can be tasted. I must admit, the Hotel Chocolat 120h conch chocolate bar did spoil me and I may be a little harsh on chocolate now because of it.  The grittiness does not detract from the flavour though.  The thing that also struck me was the unique flavour of the bar. It melts readily but has a less distinct flavour which is almost unrefined and lacking the distinctiveness I find Soma bars have.  This is no bad thing as the bar is just like a wonderfully rich cup of hot chocolate but I do miss that unique flavour and distinct fruitiness I get from Soma.

That said, I’d buy this bar if I knew what it was. It was in a plain silver packet with a white paper PR insert.  Perhaps Chocolate and Love who represent them have more of this and if so, and you like dark chocolate which is not too bitter and takes like a warm hug, grab this one.

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