Win a Continental Chocolatiers Tasting Collection Heart [CLOSED]

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thorntons valentines chocolatesI got sent this heart of 625g of Thorntons Valentine’s chocolates specifically to give away and so I shall.  But here was the problem – how do I give it away in a fair way without automated entries getting in the way of genuine people who genuinely read the blog and the Facebook page getting a fair chance so here is what I’ll do:

Post a poem in the comments to enter. It has to be a unique poem and as such I will not approve any comments until the competition is over. I will accept any form of poetry but I will be judging on originality so I will be checking to see if it is original. It should be about love since these are Valentine’s Day chocolates.

thorntons valentines chocolates close-upWhat about the chocolates? Well, the Thorntons site says: “Say ‘I love you’ with this beautiful chocolate gift. Hand-selected by our Master Chocolatier, this pretty chocolate gift box features only the finest luxury chocolates from our favourite Continental, Milan and Paris chocolate ranges. This stunning gift box is filled with 50 of the most popular Thorntons Continental chocolates, including scrumptious pralines, yummy chocolate truffles and delicious mousses covered in milk, white and dark chocolate.” YUM.

But since it is Valentine’s Day I will also give away some lovely Green & Blacks bars as a second prize!

To enter:
1)    Leave an original poem in the comments for me to judge
2)    Share this post on Facebook by clicking “share” on the wall post about this blog post on the MostlyAboutChocolate Facebook page (I’m not asking for “likes” as I understand that is frowned upon by Facebook – just share this specific blog post)

The rules: will be used to determine if Facebook (1) or blog comments (2) will be chosen from to win the Thorntons chocolates. Once the Thorntons chocolates have been awarded, the Green & Blacks bars will be.
2.The competition will finish at noon GMT on Monday 13th February 2012.
3.The selection of winner will be based on originality of poem for blog comments, and by using for Facebook shares.
4.Only available to UK mainland addresses.
5.No cash alternative available.
6.I reserve the right to exclude entries that I feel are inappropriate or not in the spirit of the competition. No pornographic poems please.
7.Your details won’t be passed onto anyone else and will not be kept in any way.
8.I reserve the right to remove entries that I believe aren’t human created or are an attempt to gain an unfair advantage such as automated entries.
Thanks to Loquax for the guidance on competitions!

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39 Responses to Win a Continental Chocolatiers Tasting Collection Heart [CLOSED]

  1. Victoria Cunniff says:

    On Valentine’s Day I’ll be home alone,
    Hubby is working but we’ll talk on the phone,
    Munching on Thornton’s would fill me with glee,
    Please, pretty please pick little old me,
    I’d save him the best choc for when he comes in,
    I’m nice like that, so please let me win!

  2. George Gensler says:

    Here’s my adaptation of my parents’ Valentine poem:

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    A bite of good chocolate
    Starts the day right for you.

  3. Lisa says:

    My sweet, it’s been too long.
    Too long since I’ve felt you in my hands,
    Too long since you’ve excited my senses
    And soothed me.

    But for now it is only us.
    No distractions or responsibility,
    Only melting in each other’s company.

    Whilst the chocolate we share
    Melts in our hands

    And our lips touch, sweet.

  4. Frances Heaton says:

    I love eating pralines, truffles are scrumptious too.
    Chocolates to die for, but not as sweet as you!
    A perfect combination for love so divine,
    Box of delicious chocs to share with my Valentine.

  5. Gillian Thompson says:

    My husband –
    I love you in the morning
    I love you at night

    My love for you is like a fire
    Burning bright
    Day and night

    You’re my friend, my companion, my one true love

  6. Sarah says:

    I gave him all my chocolates,
    My mars bars and my snickers,
    My brownie cake, my cadbury’s flake
    But all I got was knickers!
    So this year, should I win these
    In time for Valentine,
    I’ll have a ball and eat ’em all
    Coz they’re not his……they’re MINE!

  7. Vicky Ames says:

    To you, my love, a poem
    to celebrate a day
    when we buy cards and chocolates
    specifically to say

    I think you are my soulmate
    and I would be in strife
    if I had to go on living
    without you in my life

  8. Jean Day says:

    C an I be your valentine.
    H old you in my arms.
    O pen up your heart to mine.
    C ould I show you all my charms.
    L et me be your valentine.
    A lways by your side.
    T ogether for a life time.
    E ver filled with pride.

  9. julie hazell says:

    Roses are red, chocolates are yummy, the perfect Valentine’s gift, for my heart and my tummy!

  10. I love you sweetie, I hope you’ll be mine
    So rich and silky and darkly divine
    I want you baby, I’ll always be true
    You’re almost better than puddings from Gu
    You out wurly Curley, you’re salty so Young
    And most of all sweetie you’re really good fun.
    So I’ll ganache my teeth and temper your heart
    And send you cupid’s magic chocolate dart

  11. Jae Ellias says:

    My dear Valentine, oh please be Mine,
    My heart is for you, oh how I do Pine.
    I dream of the day, You & me are Alone,
    Curled up on the sofa, all snug at Home.
    You’re dreamy, devine, you’re oh so Hot,
    You tasty big box of THORNTON’S CHOCOLATE! ♥

  12. simone lee says:

    Everything Reminds Me Of You
    “I look at a tree,
    And what do I see?
    My Valentine’s face
    Smiling back at me.

    I spot a cute rock,
    But, oh what a shock,
    For it reminds of you
    And that is no crock.

    Everywhere that I turn,
    My feelings just burn
    With thoughts about you,
    My love please don’t spurn!

    Each rock and each tree,
    Each cloud and each bee,
    The earth and the sea,
    It all reminds me…

    I love you awesomely!”

  13. Elspeth Durrand says:

    Love’s old image of hearts and flowers, romantic music and ivory towers, makes young lovers chase a dream that isn’t really all it seems.
    Love’s something deep within your heart that makes it ache when you’re apart. If you should find your true soul-mate, no gifts will ever compensate. For time spent with that special one and as life’s tangled web is spun. Love will grow despite the lack of expensive gifts and romantic tat.
    Love is the memories you make – the gifts the icing on the cake!

  14. Tracey Belcher says:

    Chocolate is always a valentines day winner
    But I believe it is also the ultimate sinner
    In the garden of Eden when Adam met Eve
    An Apple was the culprit, we were led to believe
    But my theory is it would take more than this
    To disobey the lord and his ultimate wish
    Chocolate my friends is what it would take
    For promises untold for Eve to break
    This ritual continues to this very day
    When for a box of chocolate I gave my heart away
    But lucky for me my choice was a good one
    Happily married with a daughter and a son
    We’re all chocoholics which has its burdens to bear
    But fortunately we have all learnt to share

  15. angie nicholson says:

    When I first saw you,
    I noticed your wonderful smile,
    I really wanted to talk to you,
    But I knew it wouldnt take long,
    Then it finally happened,
    And you came into my life,
    And I was so very happy,
    When you made me your wife.

  16. SU WILLIAMS says:

    A hint to my Valentine
    A box of chocolates and bottle of wine
    Both are guaranteed to please
    And make me go very weak at the knees

  17. Elle Hughes says:

    Life with out chocolate is not worth living,
    Scrumptious chocolates like these are for giving.
    Life’s a game and this is a promotion
    and your only giving these away to fans with devotion.
    So Mostly About Chocolate these tasty treats I’d adore
    Please pick my entry as I’d love these for sure!!! 🙂

  18. Carolina J. says:

    I am not entering as I have the “baby” brains at the moment but good luck to all your genuine readers.

  19. Viv Gilbey says:

    Oh how I love you my dear Chocolate oh so sweet,
    you truly are the only thing I always want to eat.
    I can’t get enough of choccy boxes, packets, eggs and bars,
    I really do love you all the way to the moon and the stars.
    You taste so smooth and delicious and I must confess,
    you’re the only thing I DON’T want to kill when I have PMS!
    I’ve compiled my wishlist for Valentine’s, easter and birthday,
    cos whatever happens in life – chocolate makes it all ok!

  20. Marnie says:

    There was once a girl in love,
    Who, for Valentines, was given a dove,
    With a love letter full of words,
    She thought how absurd!
    ‘For surely he knows, I’m allergic to birds?’

    :s haha!

  21. Alison says:

    I dream of you all night all day,
    You are perfect in everyway,
    I am so glad that you are mine
    I hope our love stands the test of time
    From me to you on Valentines Day,
    Forever yours I will stay

  22. Christine Northrop says:

    The snow fell softly to the ground as you turned and walked away

    Your shoulders drooped and I was so tempted to call to you to stay

    But the time had come to call it a day

    So I just let you walk away x

  23. William Gould says:

    Now and then you find someone whose sweet and thoughtful ways,
    Bring a certain something, to just ordinary days,
    Now you’re that certain someone, and that, my dear, is why,
    I’m coming ’round to take your hand (or have a damn good try!)

  24. Sue Tyler says:

    Valentine’s Day is nearly here,
    Are you buying me chocolate Hubby dear?
    I’ve waited for some for 35 years,
    but my wishes only fall on deaf ears.
    I’ve seen a blog called Mostly About Chocolate
    My only chance a poem, but I’m not articulate
    Would I share them if I won?
    Of course I would, you can have ONE!

  25. Rachael Lines says:

    We moved house this weekend, after a week of facepalming stress,
    My priorities were making beds up and finding the kettle in amongst the mess,
    I smile and stir myself a hot choc, as I sit ontop of the paint,
    The children race around me, and hubby is complains hes feeling feint.

    As this morning dawned, I opened my eyes to a space thats soon to be our home,
    And a woop of joy elates through the house as hubby links the broadband and phone,
    I check my trusty emails, in my inbox a delicious review,
    And a competition to win some chocolates slips perfectly into view.

    Then I suffer one of those “Arghhhhh!” moments, as I look at the heart shaped box,
    Its Valentines day next week, and I had utterly and complety forgot!
    Therefore I present to you my entry, with dualistic ideals you see,
    As its 100% likely that my husband has forgot the date… like me.

    True story!
    Love Rachael xx


  26. Lisa Hughes says:

    Ok, here’s my attempt, hope you like it! (have shared your competition on Facebook too) 🙂

    You’re the blueberries to my muffin, the chips to my fish, you’re the eggs to my bacon, but you’re my favourite dish!
    You’re the cheese to my crackers, the glass to my wine, you’re the box to my chocolates, so will you be mine?

  27. Jay says:

    My boyfriend’s a lovely fellow
    “I LOVE YOU” he likes to bellow
    Although that shows me he cares
    He remains unawares
    that choccies would make me more mellow!

  28. anthony harrington says:

    my heart is like a chocolate box
    It can be split in two
    the packaging I give to others,
    the centres I save for you

    not my best effort

  29. justine martinus says:

    Everyday is valentines in the Martinus house. A kiss and a cuddle to start and end the day, lots of fun and laughter and making time to play. Our kids are the product of such happy times, its unbelievable to think way back in time. But theres just one thing that makes all our days complete when we curl up on our sofa with a cuppa and a yummy thorntons treat !

  30. Claire Osman says:

    To me love is butterflies dancing in my belly,
    sitting holding hands whilst watching telly,
    lots of laughs and a cheeky smile,
    to sit and just look at you for a while.
    To talk for hours and comfortable to not talk at all,
    a ‘pick me up’ after a fall
    a lover, a partner and most importantly a friend,
    the one i want to stay with until the very end

  31. kaz burke says:

    roses are red
    violetes are green
    send me some chocolate
    befor i let out a scream

    love to love kiss to kiss
    give me a hug for this i miss
    the warmth off ur touch
    i want it so much .

  32. Debbie Bird says:

    love is a feeling you cannot compare
    wanting that someone to always be there
    to hold you at night when your feeling sad
    listen to your moans without getting mad
    to walk beside you on life’s crooked path
    scrub your back when your in the bath
    surprise you with chocolate for no reason at all
    always there to catch you whenever you fall
    I cannot think of a way to end
    so this poem I am going to send 🙂

  33. Emma Lee Aitken says:

    Mostly About Chocolates what a fab choice,
    giving the perfect treat, a voice.
    Teamed up with Thorntons you are really spoiling me
    With Valetines coming i hope you pick me x

  34. Allie says:

    For Valentine’s I deserve a treat
    Because last year’s fiasco just can’t be beat
    My bf of one week gave me a potted plastic holly
    His excuse was that he didn’t have much lolly

    He took me to dinner at KFC
    Bought me a soda instead of Chablis
    He wrote me a song, about a wookie
    And then he seriously expected nookie

    He gave me a bar of chocolate as a special gift
    Then told me one day he’d buy me a face lift
    At the end of that dreadful night, I wanted to retreat
    At which point he asked me if I’d rub his feet

    Not waiting for an answer, his socks he pulled off
    Their pong was so awful, I started to splutter & cough
    I knew that from him, I had to get far away
    That’s the last time I saw him, hooray, HOORAY!! ;o)

    Fingers crossed for some lovely chocs to make this Valentine’s day a bit more special xx

  35. jenette ogborn says:

    chocolate is so sweet,
    But it sit on my seat,
    I need to to share,
    So I dont end up looking like a pear lol

  36. jenette ogborn says:

    Sorry laptop went wierd

    chocolate is so sweet,
    But it sits on my seat,
    I need to learn to share,
    So I dont end up looking like a pear lol

  37. michelle lawson says:

    i would love them to give to my boyfriend x

  38. Choclette says:

    Brilliant, Fiona deserves the win.

  39. ich brauche geld says:

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    when i read this piece of writing i thought i could also
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