Soma Chocolates Single Origin Filled Chocolate Review

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Soma Chocolates Purist Range

I love Soma chocolate.  They hold themselves up to be one of the world’s best chocolate makers whether they realise it or not.  They design and create awesone chocolate and if you don’t try it you’re a fool.  I give a lot of it away so hit me up for some next time you see me and if I have a bar on me, I’ll share it!

Delicious smooth and creamy ganache made from single origin beans. You must not miss the opportunity to try these chocolates but since my readers are from all over the world I thought I’d review them here. If you are ever in Toronto though, do try some for yourself.

Madagascar 70% Criollo/Trinirario beans – lovely smooth dark chocolate without any fruitiness and slightly acidic.

Papua New Guinea 70% Trinitario beans – fruity flavour slightly hard to capture

Santa Domingo 70% Criollo/Trinirario beans – the fruity ness is slightly hidden by the acidity of the chocolate. Not as pleasant as the Papua New Guinea one

Venezuela “Sur del Lago Clasificado” Criollo/Trinirario beans – subtle but strong with a distinctive flavour you can really tell the difference here in where it was grown.

Tanzania Forastero beans – very strongly chocolaty and weirdly my favourite of the bunch though not because it was 75% but the bean itself was delicious. I could eat a box of these and not get bored whereas I felt the others were slightly disappointing in complexity. I suppose the Soma chocolate bars are so delightful and help transmit the complexities of the bean flavour so well I was slightly spoiled by them.

Not to detract from the chocolates I’ve been slightly harsh in my assessment because they are all so delicious and high quality. I’ve held them up to a higher standard than usual but if you were to compare them to other high quality chocolates they would stand up quite well.

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