Pierre Herme Chocolats Au Macaron

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I had the chance to visit the Pierre Herme concession at Selfridges and tried some of their lovely macarons.  I did not realise macarons didn’t always contain coconut and these were a delight so I thought I’d trust their chocolates.  I mentioned to the gentleman helping me that I was a harsh judge of chocolate so he was prepared for my critique.

pierre herme macaron chocolatesChloe – pitched as a raspberry and chocolate ganache, raspberry macaron biscuit and raspberry macaron almond paste chocolate, it was an odd chocolate.  The dark chocolate and raspberry combination was OK but the almond paste for me didn’t add to the chocolate flavour.  I think it was a delightful chocolate though and would be a fun and delightful chocolate at a dinner party – especially with macarons. Yum.

Pietra – piedmont hazelnut fondant and crispy praline with the almond paste and the macaron biscuit.  The dark chocolate is fully overwhelmed by the hazelnut and the grainy texture makes this chocolate less appealing. I left half of it – yuck.

Mogador – milk chocolate and passion fruit ganache, almond paste, macaron piece and milk chocolate covering, I had higher hopes for this chocolate.  The passion fruit flavour overwhelmed the chocolate flavour but it wasn’t as overpowering as the macaron.  The almond paste added a bit of texture but not too much. Got finished – yum.

Intense – bitter chocolate ganache, chocolate macaron, and almond paste. I was worried about this chocolate after the previous three.  The almond paste here was very grainy and the chocolate wasn’t great being far too bitter for my taste.  Half got left behind – yuck.

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