Perfect Last Minute Gifts

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Perfect Last Minute Gifts

It’s the story of my life. It’s the week of Christmas and not only am I behind on work, I haven’t written the Christmas cards yet, husband is clueless, the house is a mess, none of the decorations are up and I start to panic. I know it is going to be insane in the shops but some offer a shop and collect service so there is hope. Plus if you focus, find what you want and get in then get out, you can survive.

My top tips are: plan a route, get to the shops early, only buy your list, have backups.

Gifts under £10
Wyvale poinsettiaA pair of poinsettias can be a wonderfully different gift and since they rarely survive they won’t clutter the house 😉 £10

Toasty Toddies chocolates from Hotel ChocolatToasty Toddies chocolates from Hotel Chocolat will be loved by everyone. I recommend buying two – one to gift and one for yourself 😉

The Beer Collection ChocolatesWith Four kinds of beer these Hotel Chocolat chocolates are going to be loved by beer aficionados this holiday season. Why not gift them with a pair of cocoa beers?

retro plastic jars of sweetsDebenhams has some great retro plastic jars of sweets. At under a tenner you get anything from 800g to over 1kg in the case of the jelly beans. I got given a jar and they are FUN! £9.50

harrods cardholderNot sure what to get someone? Why not opt for a card holder – they are always appreciated (I love mine) £9.95

Why not get creative and buy a vase and a fake (or real) flower or even fill it with something like Lindt chocolates? £6.00

house of fraser ceramic trayCeramic trays are underappreciated places to place your pocket change or jewellery and perfect for someone you don’t know well £5.00,default,pd.html

Under £30
harrods bifoldA bifold wallet is something any gentleman will appreciate £25

Amazon fire stickIf you want all the fun of a digital TV but don’t have one, or just want the advantages that come with Amazon Prime, it’s time for a FIRE stick! £28.45

Google ChromecastGoogle Chromecast is the perfect techie toy for anyone with a TV and time 😉 £30

wyvale cottage kitchen planter with foodie goodiesA cottage kitchen planter with foodie goodies has a dual life. Add a Wyvale gift card for the perfect gift for someone who loves plants £16.99

Walkers ShortbreadDon’t forget the Walkers Shortbread though! There are several gift packs you can grab plus come on JUST BUY THE SHORTBREAD (and the mince pies and the pudding) – you know you want to!

For a bit of fun why not get this compass for the desk of someone who longs to travel – or does £20,default,pd.html

Under £50
Biba fringe pouchThis Biba fringe pouch takes tablet bags to a whole new level (and no that’s not its original function) £49.50,default,pd.html

debenhams decanterWhy not go for a fancy decanter for a couple or a wine lover – it adds theatre to any table £49

harrods tea cup and saucer from WedgewoodFor the tea lover in your life why not a beautiful tea cup and saucer from Wedgewood (and get some Wedgewood tea too) £37

harrods Aspinal luggage tagsTravellers will appreciate these Aspinal luggage tags and given how often mine go missing they will need them £40

Sandisk has created an external storage device for iPhones and iPads which is perfect for anyone who needs a bit more storage but doesn’t want to have to upgrade. This stick is curved and fits them all perfectly even with a case

Thymes Goldleaf Dusting Powder and PuffThymes Goldleaf Dusting Powder and Puff to cover yourself (or the recipiant of the gift) in real gold glitter £40

Luxury Gifts
harrods coravinWine lovers with significant cellars will appreciate this Coravin which enables them to try their wine without opening a whole bottle £210

harrods Suntory Hakushu whiskyWhisky lovers will love this Suntory Hakushu whisky £1,795

currys Nespresso machineThis Nespresso machine not only can be controlled with an app but remembers things for you – like how you like your coffee! £199.99

currys BB-8'sI love that BB-8’s personality develops as you play with him – how brilliantly perfect for me. I’ll have a lazy BB-8 that gets others to get its tea for him! £149.99

chocolate squaresA range of origin and inclusions chocolate squares in the most luxurious and decadent size with enough chocolate to keep any family happy £95

The Windsor HamperThe Windsor Hamper is the ultimate foodie hamper. The most expensive available hamper, it is packed full of food and booze. Of course there are less expensive ones available but we love a sexy hamper to drool over £1,000

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