Hotel Chocolat Pink Champagne Truffles

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hotel chocolat pink champagneThe pink champagne truffle from Hotel Chocolat has to be one of the most alcoholic champagne truffles I have ever had.  It almost rivals the Prestat champagne truffles in alcoholness.  When I opened it, it didn’t quite have that scent of alcohol that can leap up and greet you.  I was, I must admit, a tiny bit disappointed by the cardboard box but that was only the casing for the delights within.hotel chocolat pink champagne truffles

The shell is lighter and softer than the Prestat truffle and the filling certainly packs a kick.  I was a little sad that my box had three crushed ones but that meant that I simply had to eat them all up 🙂

They are nice and for someone looking for a special gift, it is a fair fight between Prestat and Hotel Chocolat. I have to admit that the box for the Prestat truffles is my favourite with its lovely purple box.

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