Hotel Chocolat 120h Conch Purist 65% Chocolate Bar

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Hotel Chocolat 120h Conch Purist 65% Chocolate BarThis bar, despite being from St Lucia as the other bar was, is completely different. From the first bite you can taste that this is a smoother chocolate that almost tastes more like milk chocolate. The graininess of the 96 hour conch suddenly becomes obvious as the tiny granules of this 120 hour conch make this chocolate melt like butter in your mouth.

This chocolate tastes less of fruit, again despite being from the same region of the world (different plantation) and has a subtler flavour. It tastes almost creamy with a slight hint of vanilla. It’s difficult to describe how the finer grain of the chocolate which is a result of the longer conch time really mellows out the flavour of the chocolate and gives it a smoother taste.

Absolutely lovely chocolate and the difference in conch times makes a real difference. If you’re new to dark chocolate, this might be a subtler introduction to dark.

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