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Fudge Kitchen New Fudge FlavoursFudge kitchen is changing and developing a whole new range of fudge. They already have a chain of fudge shops where you can get their amazing fresh fudge. Ooooo delicious and my goodness is it amazing stuff. But not all of us can get to their amazing shops and so they have developed a range of fudge with a longer shelf life.

That’s right – they have perfectly sized squares of fudgy goodness wrapped up perfectly with little perforations so you can easily open it. I wish I had realised before I struggled to peel it all off 😀

double fudgeDouble Trouble Chocolate – This was possibly the fastest consumed fudge I’ve ever had. I just kept eating it and eating it. The mouth feel was slightly less smooth than the fresh fudge I have had but it is still extremely soft and melting. Chocolate deliciousness and it’ll be available in shops and delis and all sorts of places.



chilli fudgeChocolate Orange & Chilli – I have to admit, I tried the Divine Chilli & Orange before I had this and so it was a bit weird switching between the two. The fudge is, of course, much sweeter but you still get that chilli kick. Quite warming and yet orangy. This is interesting and I think the sweetness is cut through a bit by the chilli but without burning your mouth off.

So coming to shops near you – Fudge Kitchen fudge packaged in individual plastic wrap you can put in your lunch box or handbag or desk drawer or under the bed just in case you have the munchies during the night. Just don’t forget you left it there… especially in your handbag because you’ll end up buying more because you forgot. Like me…

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