Behind this chocolate blog is a search expert, journalist, reviewer and chocolate lover named Judith Lewis.  She does all of this on her own and thinks it is odd speaking about herself in the third person but given all the conference speaking she has done and continues to do, she’s used to it 😉

I was honoured to be one of the many judges of the 2011 Academy of Chocolate awards. I’ve also judged the 2013 Academy of chocolate awards and the 2012 & 2013 International Chocolate Awards (and I hope to do the 2014 ones too). To eat and judge that much chocolate in that short a period of time was extremely difficult but also fun and educational :-)

Mostly About Chocolate is listed as a Top Chocolate Expert at Sulia, Best of the Web Confectionary Blog and a top Gastronomy blog at Wikio:

MostlyAbout Chocolate is a sulia chocolate expertMostly About Chocolate is on the best of the web blogsMostly About Chocolate wikio february ranking

Speaking frankly though, I love chocolate and as part of a rebranding I decided to explore my passion for chocolate more deeply and spent years learning about it before starting this blog.  I went on chocolate tours of London, talks about chocolate tasting, chocolate events and more all to discover what chocolate was all about and how to better experience it.

My passion for chocolate has taken me around London and around the world in search of some of the best chocolate and I found it.  I’m always asked about my favourite chocolate and while I enjoy Soma’s Chuao Chocolate Bar I also enjoy Green & Blacks Almond bar.  I enjoy a nice Paul A Young sea salt caramel and I also enjoy Malteesers.  Just because I love and enjoy high quality chocolate does not mean I now hate what I used to eat. A good Curly Wurly is always welcome in my tummy!

You will notice a type of evaluation system here. Instead of rating chocolate as a proper expert would which I feel makes me sound pretentious and also makes it that little bit less accessible to people, I chose to simply call it bad, OK, good, great and top notch.  This is because each chocolate should only be reviewed against its peers.  There is excellent chocolate in each category and one should never dismiss chocolate. Read carefully though – I am overly kind at times and a negative review may not be obvious.

My reviewing activities are mainly found around Judith Lewis at Qype however I do also write extensively on wine, cocktails and food at times when the passion takes me.  Sometimes those reviews end up here which is why the blog is mostly about chocolate but not completely :-)

To contact me, please tweet me over at http://twitter.com/mostlyaboutchoc or email me at decabbit -at- googlemail dot com and I will get back to you.