Purist 50% dash of milk 35g Chocolate Bar With Earl Grey Tea

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Hotel Chocolat Purist 50% dash of milk chocolate with earl grey teaThis is another in the Purist range of chocolate bars. The bars, I’ve decided, are made to be chewed as opposed to melted in the mouth. Honest.

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this bar for some time. Tea has to be my all time favourite chocolate flavouring but so many chocolatiers get it wrong. I was hoping this wouldn’t be the case.

When you open the package you can smell the scent of the distinctive Earl Grey tea. The smell is there but doesn’t overpower you as it doesn’t in the chocolate either.

The chocolate is absolutely a darker shade of milk and this comes through if you let it melt in your mouth. The graininess is tiny granules of tea in the chocolate itself. It’s hard to pull the flavour of the chocolate apart from the tea infused throughout but this doesn’t detract from the overall experience.

This is a good chocolate bar if slightly intense. I’d absolutely eat it again but I might not choose to eat a whole bar every day for a week 🙂

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