Paul A Young Chocolate Covered Brownies Reviewed

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Paul A Young Chocolate Covered BrowniesIt has been awhile since I had the opportunity to review some of Paul’s delicious goodies. The chocolate he uses is delightful, the brownies are moist and delicious and the combination of the two is absolute perfection.

This brownie is a cube of dense chocolate goodness . The chocolate is fruity goodness with a delightful slightly acidic edge that just hints at the edge of your cheeks. The brownie is slightly dryer than his usual brownies but given how deliciously moist and good and gooey his usual brownies are this is no bad thing. It is absolutely delightful.

Paul A Young Chocolate Covered Brownies cutThe square is small enough to finish in one sitting (unlike the brownie which is huge) and because of the chocolate coating there is that lovely delicious chocolate. It is delicious and perfectly lovely. When you buy one at one of his shops, buy an extra one for me 😉

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  1. Gina says:

    That might possibly be too much chocolate. 🙂 Not sure. I had a local company tell me that there chocolate dense brownies were labeled as almost too much chocolate and I thought they were fine. But chocolate covered? Would love to try them!

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