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Soma Java 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Soma Java 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Reviewed

West Java is part of Indonesia and produced some of the cocoa in this region which is the third largest producer of cocoa. The cocoa bean is one of the most important agricultural export products of Indonesia. In the past ...

Soma Smoke Monster Vanuatu Dark Chocolate Bar

Soma Smoke Monster Vanuatu Dark Chocolate Bar Reviewed

As many of you know I love Soma. You might also know I don't like smoke whether in whisky or chocolate. While I realise that smoky/peaty whisky is a desirable and complex tipple, smoke in chocolate for me denotes a ...

haiti coeur de xocolat

Coeur de Xocolat Haiti 75% Dark Chocolate Bar – Helping the people of Haiti through Chocolate

David Greenwood-Haigh is the brains and heart behind Coeur de Xocolat. A professional chocolatier, he has been working in the food industry for more than 35 years with plenty of experience in chocolate. Yorkshire born, David is a Master Chef ...

The Chocolate Society Christmas Collection

The Chocolate Society Christmas Collection – Buy it NOW or you’ll be sorry!

It is a rare occasion that I am gifted with chocolate from The Chocolate Society. Despite offering to review things when they wished it, they have never sent me anything – UNTIL NOW and boy was it worth the wait. Of ...

It’s Getting Hot In Here – So Bring Me Paul A Young – Christmas 2014

He's the hot chocolatier in London and his name is on everybody's lips. Paul A Young is making some of the world's best truffles right now. You all know I'm a fan of his caramels based on my complete eating ...

maison du chocolat Christmas 2014

A Very Merry La Maison du Chocolat Christmas 2014

I wish you a merry Maison du Chocolat Christmas and a Happy New Year! Many of you know that I have loved Maison du Chocolat for years. I remember the first review box I received from them for Christmas – ...

chococo trio

Chococos Three New Truffles Reviewed Get Thee to Winchester (or Swanage)

I don't get a lot of Chococo treats because I'm not often in Winchester. If I was I'd probably be popping in for a regular purchase of milk chocolate buttons or perhaps a festive treat at Christmas or Easter or ...

demarquette trio

Demarquete African Queen, Catongo & Grandiflorum Chocolates

I'm a fan of Marc and his innovative use of chocolate. I love that he is working to expand what we know of as chocolate, choosing to make a ganache from the grandiflorum bean, a relative of theobroma cacao. I received ...

valrhona buches

The 12 Valrhona Buche de Noel – Limited Editions

It was a hot day in July when 12 different pastry chefs unveiled their creations to an expectant crowd. We were taken around individually, being introduced to each chef and talked through each of the twelve Buche de Noel. These ...

Urzi Cacao rar Merida Sur de Lago 65% Review

Urzi Cacao rar Merida Sur de Lago 65% Review

When I saw this chocolate in Selfridges, I thought I would buy it. Spendng £8 for a bar isn’t unknown to me and so I thought – why not? But I knew nothing about the chocolate or the company so I ...

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